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Our specialist Solar Technicians will guide you through the process of reducing your carbon footprint and ultimately culling those nasty unwanted energy bills.

About Sun Flux Solar

Our focus starts and finishes with our customers. We are driven to provide unparalleled service, from our initial customer consultations through to ensuring our installations are working at capacity for years to come. Our people deliver decades of industry experience, utilising our knowledge to the benefit of our loyal customers. 

The barriers to entry and committing to solar can be confusing and overwhelming. There are hundreds of retailers and installers across the country and we understand what consumers are seeking in their pursuit to eliminating power bills.  Our solar technicians are thorough and genuinely want the best possible outcome for your home, office or warehouse.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive no-obligation designs and options for your property. Read more on how we can improve your residential, commercial or industrial asset.

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